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Social Media Managers that Understand Wholesale Real Estate 

Home Buying businesses should make sure they choose a professional that understands their business to run their social media accounts. HomeBuyer SEO is the most experienced social media management company that has a 100% understanding of home buying and wholesaling. We run compelling campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram that target sellers, buyers and wholesalers to bring quality leads to your home buying business. Our competitors cannot match the quality of our posts.

  • Engage with sellers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin
  • Our social media posts are original, high quality, and focus on generating leads for your business
  • Social media builds trust and credibility, we position you as an industry leader and drive more prospects to your website
  • Foster a sense of community by responding to sellers and building relationships before they visit your website
  • Reach a large passive audience and generate leads at a lower cost than other advertising sources
How we work

Are you using all social media platforms to boost your home buying business?

Our social media management service is ideal for any home buying businesses that want to support their inbound marketing campaigns. Our staff works hard for your business to synchronize your social media accounts with your marketing campaigns and search engine optimization, to deliver a combination that together will help rank you higher on Google, and make prospective clients more likely to do business with you in the future.

Consistency in your home buying business

Consistency in your home buying business

Posting regularly on social media is essential to building a strong following. HomeBuyer SEO can help ensure that your home buying social media accounts are consistently updated with engaging content. This will make sure that prospects know you are ready to purchase their properties.

Increased engagement with Sellers and Buyers

Increased engagement with Sellers and Buyers

Engaging with your followers is crucial to building a loyal following on social media. HomeBuyer SEO can help manage comments, messages, and other interactions on your social media accounts to help build a stronger connection with your potential clients.

Social media improves brand awareness

Social media improves brand awareness

HomeBuyer SEO will promote your brand on social media and help make it well known in your local market. By sharing intelligent content, promoting your marketing campaigns, and engaging with your sales prospects, we will help increase your brand awareness and visibility.

Increase your home buying website traffic

Increase your home buying website traffic

Social media can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your home buying website. By including links to your website in social media posts, we will increase website traffic which will lead to more leads, and conversions. We will develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy.

Social media is cost-effective marketing

Social media is cost-effective marketing

Hiring a social media manager can be expensive. HomeBuyer SEO provides an affordable solution for managing your clients' social media accounts, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business and continue to draw in motivated sales prospects.

Larger deals come from social media leads

Larger deals come from social media leads

Social media targets passive sellers that haven’t started the process of engaging with your competition to sell their property. Social media generated deals that are likely to be less competitive than other marketing solutions. We have seen record breaking assignment fees from our campaigns.

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inbound marketing

HomeBuyer SEO is the difference in your inbound marketing

  • Reach more sellers & buyers with social media management than by just using Google ads.
  • Our staff is US based and we use professional copywriters, graphic designers, and SEO principles for all posts.
  • A social media manager is a reputation manager, HomeBuyer SEO monitors for chatter about your business and responds accordingly.
  • With HomeBuyer SEO spend more time closing deals and less time posting
  • Social verification from social media posts are the new reviews sellers trust

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We have designed our website to be the best website a Homebuyer can have. Not only does it look professional, it wins the trust of sellers, and has a load of technology and SEO to rank high on Google that pulls the sellers in. Our website gives sellers alternatives if they don’t want a cash offer, resulting in higher amounts of leads. Did we mention it also has a Spanish version included for free?


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We have the most dedicated SEO directors in the industry that will stop at nothing to get your home buying website producing warm inbound leads. Not only do we excel at ranking our clients for motivated seller terms, we rank for cash buyers too! We utilize a dynamic and content rich approach that tracks and frequently updates your website in response to changes in search activity, but, in addition, we tap into high volume search terms with the use of our “Seller Magnet Technology,” available exclusively at HomeBuyer SEO.


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