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Our website is built to be the best in the industry. We find when our clients implement our site, they’ll have maximum visibility on the web, dramatically increase the quality of their inbound leads, and have record breaking assignment fees.

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    Don’t Be Fooled By a Copy

    Our competition may boast they have twenty five thousand clients using their template websites, but watch out for the trap! Google notices tens of thousands of copies of the same page on the web, and down ranks & penalizes each website on the search engine. Our websites are available for discerning clients and our Ultra Superior Home Buyer Website was calibrated using the best SEO practices, which has made our website easy to crawl for the Google algorithm, resulting in high ranking searches.


    Amplify your online lead generation with us


    Attract motivated sellers that will accept lower offers and are ready to sign contracts! That is what home buying is all about and that’s why Homebuyer SEO delivers. Your new website will be fully loaded with “Seller Magnet Technology” that will give you a competitive edge on the Google algorithm and is designed for maximum SEO optimization. Your own personalized AI chatbot will aid in lead generation, and your website will provide instant offer. This site is light years ahead of the competition.


    The ultimate system for selling wholesale properties. Not only does our website attract buyers, but we also took all the major softwares used by the top disposition teams, and combined them into one functional hub: Send email blasts, send assignment contracts, sms blast buyers, and post deals on your own personal marketplace. Buyers can live bid on your properties in auction mode, or you can set a first come first serve price, and get those offers fast!

    JV Deals

    JV Deals

    Supplement your direct to seller assignment fees by using our Partner Feature. Using SEO, and our background in wholesaling, we created a way for wholesalers and realtors to submit deals on your website that they need your help to sell! Our website is the easiest way to get JV deals that haven’t been part of a daisy chain! It’s Simple. Wholesalers fill out a capture form about their deal and the leads go straight to you. We are the only home buying digital media company with this page option.

    Our Website Does Everything Except Close the Deal for You

    • Every Page is SEO optimized
    • Our capture forms are intuitive and highly functional
    • AI Chatbot Included
    • Multiple ways for your clients to sell
    • SEO rich blog section with capture forms
    • Built in dispo marketplace application
    • Seller Magnet Technology like our Home Profit Estimator calculator
    • Our real estate CRM sends contracts and marketing emails
    • 10 Custom high converting landing pages included
    • Attracts Realtors and wholesalers with JV deals

    Designed for Mobile Lead Capture

    78.2% of home buying website traffic are from mobile users. Capture leads effectively & confidently by using our website, which was deliberately optimized to perform at full caliber on all mobile devices.


    For Home Buying there is just no comparison

    There is only one HomeBuyer SEO. We take pride in delivering a quality product and quality services that the competition cannot match.

    The other guys

    • No access to JV deals
    • No included marketplace
    • SEO for only buyers or sellers, not both
    • Home Buyer still has to pay for CRM, Docusign, and Constant Contact
    • Not experts in wholesaling and home buying, so thieir content doesn't make sense
    • No AI chatbot
    • One capture form
    • Only one way for sellers to sell
    • Looks Okay
    • No included CRM
    • Remote workers in other countries, for poor customer service
    • “SEO” activities are not measurable, and there’s no telling what you are getting for your money.
    • Low ranking websites, doesn’t outrank competitors websites
    • No access to dedicated SEO account manager
    • You’re expected to write, produce, and post your own content.
    • Not inclusive for all marketing, only do SEO or PPC, not everything in one company.

    HomeBuyer SEO

    • Custom programed home buying AI chatbot
    • Monetize all lead types
    • Highly intuitive CRM that automates your business and helps with dispositions
    • Help from industry leading experts and a dedicated SEO account managers
    • Weekly meetings to fine tune your marketing
    • In house and US based graphic designers, SEO, PPC, and social media experts
    • Send contracts and marketing emails with our HomeBuyer SEO CRM
    • Included Marketplace application
    • Attracts Sellers, buyers, and JV deals. A triple threat.
    • Calculators and our SEO technology attract thousands of sellers and converts
    • Fully customizable landing pages for multiple campaigns like probate, foreclosure, landlord
    • We use data servers to track your prospects on the web and display ads to them
    • SEO Optimized pages
    • Assignment fee estimator built in to CRM
    • Included Offer Machine application
    • We outwork the competition, every time

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    “I was cold calling until I got hit with a DNC lawsuit, now I do SEO and my deal are bigger and leads are more motivated."

    Mike Portnoy
    Utah Cash Home Buyers

    “HomeBuyer SEO said SEO will be a long term solution but after 3 months I made a $72,000 assignment from a Google Lead."

    Nick Petty
    Memphis Owner Finance

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