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One Hundred percent of our efforts are spent to create effective inbound lead campaigns for the home buying industry. We pride ourselves in understanding what our clients want, and we produce results for them. No other agency can match our SEO ability, our technological expertise, and our wholesaling knowledge.

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Our Story

SEO meets Home Buying

We have a long history in the homebuying industry, and we’ve tried it all. We have used other SEO and PPC marketing companies and time and time again were left with disappointing results. The underlying theme is that other companies do not have the experience and frankly do not understand the niche industry that you operate in as a homebuyer. We understand the importance of producing highly motivated seller leads and the importance that SEO plays.

Our digital marketing techniques have been developed over the last decade resulting in thousands of successful wholesale deals. We have fine tuned our methods by spending millions of dollars in marketing. We have spent years cold calling, driving for dollars, sending mailers, door knocking and while those can all be effective marketing methods, nothing produces consistent and predictable deals like warm inbound leads from digital advertising.

HomeBuyer SEO was born out of our love for the SEO marketing process and our love for helping home buyers. We have the best SEO directors, PPC experts, and media experts in the industry working tirelessly to help our clients succeed. The difference between HomeBuyer SEO and other agencies, is that other agencies do not have the experience in home buying, and tend to waste your marketing dollars by keeping you waiting for results that may never come.

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Our Values

Our core values

Here are four guidelines we stick to in our mission to help our clients achieve success in their home buying businesses.

We never back down from a challenge.

The Home Buying market is becoming more competitive, but HomeBuyer SEO has been winning on all fronts for our clients. We continue to generate a high number of leads and large assignment fees for our clients with our digital marketing service. We predict that the home buying industry will become more saturated, but the home buyers that will be successful, will have implemented a digital marketing strategy with HomeBuyer SEO.

We Root for the Underdog

We love to take small to medium sized Home Buying clients and grow alongside them. Our goal at HomeBuyer SEO is to take care of the inbound lead generation and help our clients dominate their markets. We work hard on digital marketing to allow our clients the time to work on growing their business. Our clients spend less time prospecting for leads, and more time closing deals. When our clients grow and do well, we do well.

David vs Goliath

We pride ourselves in developing the tools for our clients to take on the huge number of iBuyers that are entering real estate markets everywhere. These iBuyers can certainly throw a wrench into the works for sellers, but they also tend to make a mess for local home buying businesses. We give business owners the SEO power they need to not only fight back against these wall street backed iBuyers, but also to win!

We are always developing new technologies

A Google algorithm constantly changes, and we’ve come prepared to change with it. We are always researching and developing new ways to win the SEO war for our clients. We have developed our “Seller Magnet Technologies” to rank our clients higher than their competitors. We continually invest in the latest technology to implement to our clients’ businesses. Leave your competitors in the dust with HomeBuyer SEO.

Meet the Team

Meet our Industry leading talent who are passionate about your Home Buying Business.

Allix Eckermann

Head of Client Implementation Has personally sold more than 500 wholesale deals, and has managed large acquisitions teams successfully. She holds a local assignment fee record: just ask her how much. Allix is in charge of new client implementation and client success. She works hard to understand each new client and figure out the best solutions for them. Allix is an expert in wholesaling and SEO and clients love to work with her. She has a beautiful daughter and loves to show her photo!

Director of Client Relations
Allen Holmburg
Allen Holmburg

Probably should be a member of MENSA, but he is always too busy with HomeBuyer SEO to get certified. He has been working in tech for a decade and his claim to fame in the wholesale real estate industry is being one of the first users of bots to scrape seller data on the web. Allen manages our tech team and is in charge of implementation and management of our client’s systems. He still weighs in on the development of our Seller Magnet Technologies. In his free time you can find him flame throwing.

Tech Officer
Blake DeWitt

Blake started wholesale real estate in 2016 and has successfully wholesaled over 1300 deals. He feels passionate about helping wholesalers build inbound marketing campaigns and believes home buying is the quickest way for most people to become millionaires. He can be found around the office advising staff on marketing strategies, and enjoys face to face interaction with our clients. In his free time (if he gets any) Blake can be found on his farm raising organic tropical fruits.

Blaz Korosec
Blaz Korosec

Blaz is a licensed real estate agent who has been wholesaling since 2015, and has an incredible amount of experience designing systems that make businesses function more efficiently. He has been the driving force behind our custom auto dialing system, HomeBuyer SEO CRM, and is known throughout the Dallas market for his ability to run accurate comps. He enjoys making sure our HomeBuyer SEO systems function seamlessly for clients. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking.

Alberto Racho Jr
Alberto Racho Jr

Alberto is a valued member of the HomeBuyer SEO Team, but we call him Jay-R. He provides balance to our development team when creating websites using Wordpress. When he is not not working, he spends time with his pets: Mexican green iguanas, African love birds, English Budgies, and his dogs. He also spends time with his wife and daughter. A fun fact is that he used to dream of joining the army, but his mom forbade it!

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