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Our Homebuyer SEO Real Estate Marketplace is like “Ebay” for Wholesale Properties

After the seller signs a purchase contract, the clock starts ticking for the wholesaler to find a qualified buyer for the deal and get the transaction closed. You start preparing email blasts, cold calling your buyers, and posting the deal on your favorite facebook forums. By the time you have everything ready, it feels as if your time is running out and you’re just relieved you found a buyer that can close on time. With Homebuyer SEO Wholesale Marketplace, we allow home buyers to simply post a property with just one click. Decide if they want buyers to bid against each other, or if they want their deal sold first come first serve. Select your favorite offer virtually, and get the assignment contract signed. Wholesalers that use our Homebuyer Wholesale Marketplace find buyers faster and make higher assignment fees.

  • Competitive bidding from buyers on your wholesale deals
  • Pre-market your deal with our “Hot Deal Incoming” function and generate maximum interest
  • Tailored to sight unseen offers, reduces need for in person wholesale showings
  • Sell deals 2.2X faster than with email blasts and cold calling buyers
  • Put the power back in your hands to pick the highest offer, not the most pushy buyer
How We Work

Maximize sight unseen offers- no showings required

Homebuyer SEO Wholesale Marketplace is packed with technology to showcase all of the essential information to your buyers. Our platform gives your buyers all the details they need to make an informed and intelligent decision, without having to view the property in person. We feature space for virtual walkthroughs with programs like Matterport, and include space for detailed property photos. In addition,we have a functional layout to display property condition reports, and ample space to showcase property features and highlights.

Syncs directly with CRM

Syncs directly with CRM

No need to prepare email blasts or manually input data. Our streamlined Homebuyer SEO marketplace makes the dispositions process easy (finally) and directly integrates with the CRM, e-sign software, SMS and email marketing platform to ensure you spend as little time worrying about software as possible, and more time flipping wholesale contracts.

Don’t let your emails get left unread

Don’t let your emails get left unread

Send push button notifications to your buyers. HomeBuyer SEO, gives you the capability to reach your buyers directly through SMS messages, and includes email marketing built directly into our CRM with no extra software needed. We make sure your properties get noticed by buyers faster and encourage buyers to place a higher bid for your wholesale properties.

Secure way to sell wholesale properties

Secure way to sell wholesale properties

Let’s face the facts: home buying is a dog eat dog industry and sometimes the only way your competition can get ahead is by going around you to try and steal your deals.Our marketplace hides property addresses from non registered users, and makes users sign non-circumvention agreements before they access your deals. Less problems, higher profits!

Choose Auction mode or Buy it Now Mode

Choose Auction mode or Buy it Now Mode

Homebuyer SEO wholesale marketplace, makes selling wholesale houses fun. Two modes that users can choose from depending on the type of property they are wholesaling. “Buy it Now” mode to give buyers a chance to purchase your wholesale property at asking price, or if you have an in demand wholesale property to sell, you can choose “auction mode”.

Easily scale into new markets

Easily scale into new markets

A wise man once said that if your business is not growing every year, it is actually getting smaller. Homebuyer SEO works hard to deliver fantastic inbound marketing campaigns for your home buying business. This gives you the ability to scale your business and increase your revenue. We have designed our marketplace to scale with your business as well.

Easily on-board buyers on your marketplace

Easily on-board buyers on your marketplace

Your SEO optimized website will draw in new buyers for your wholesale deals and your buyers list will continue to grow organically. Marketplace is tailored to each and every buyer that signs up on your platform and your deals will follow the buyer and recommend similar properties as they become available.

Build your website and communication plan with outstanding strategists

We can provide you with a custom plan to help you achieve your business objectives. Send us a message to get in touch. Together, we look forward to discovering new areas.

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    Additional reasons more home buyers choose Homebuyer SEO real estate marketplace

    • Sleek design,clean, and professional
    • Create and maintain a cohesive wholesale brand with your marketplace colors and images
    • Reduce you number of employees and cut down on commissions with your marketplace
    • Easily group buyers based on their buyers criteria & history
    • Seamless integration with your Ultra Superior Home Buying Website

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    Our Seller Magnet Technology, like our Home Profit Estimator Calculator and our Mortgage Rate Calculators work hard to draw sellers to your Home Buying Website. These technologies tap into a hidden reservoir of tens of thousands of searches every month. When sellers google key phrases like “Calculate home sale profit” or “estimate profit home sale” our calculators pop up and they visit your page. Once they are on your page, they stay for longer because the sellers actually use the calculators. They are only available at HomeBuyer SEO.


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