Wholesale Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM

With the leads and contacts you obtain from your real estate marketing efforts, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Keep better track of your leads as they come in and navigate through the sales cycle. Automate workflows, tasks, send contracts and so much more. This is the heart of your business!

  • Streamline your business and organize your workflows
  • Automated follow-up and marketing drip campaigns
  • Fully functional mobile application
  • Information and task management
  • Centralize all of your data
  • Highly customizable and the ability to integrate with any software
How We Work

CRM Tools & Features

Our CRM was designed to be the glue that holds your home buying business together. No longer let your leads slip through the cracks, when you let our CRM take the wheel.

Custom lead blueprints

Custom lead blueprints

Custom tailored lead and deal workflows for Homebuyers. Track the lead from first contact, all the way through to the closing table. Comment, tag and chat with the rest of your organization. Create events, what-ifs, and the if-this-then-that logic for your sales pipeline. Synch your calendars and never miss out on an opportunity to close a deal.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automated workflows, emails, tasks and notifications are sent to all parties involved in the sales cycle. Keep everyone engaged and on the same page to help prepare for the unexpected. Never miss out on any sales opportunity and make sure that no leads fall through the cracks. Maximize your profits.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Fully integrated mobile application for when you’re on the move. Leads & deals can go by as fast as they come in and if you’ve got a few hours before you can make it to a computer, odds are it’s probably long gone. Quick access to all lead and deal related information and have the ability to close deals wherever you are.

Reporting and KPI's

Reporting and KPI's

Reporting, Dashboards and KPIs will give you a better knowledge & understanding of your business, and increase profitability. Review sales history, anticipate production trends and adjust your marketing budget accordingly. Keep track of your team’s performance and utilize leaderboards for live sales numbers.

E-sign Capability

E-sign Capability

Centralize all of your data with Zoho Sign integration and eliminate the need to manually put together contracts, assignments, amendments and addendums. The HomeBuyer SEO CRM template has all the agreements included and will significantly reduce the time you are spending with data entry.

Full Customization

Full Customization

Customization to match your needs. Whether it’s workflows, lead generation, or even follow ups, our highly customizable CRM was developed to help you personalize a workflow that fits best for you, and has the ability to integrate with any software. Easily adjust your CRM when your business needs change.

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We can provide you with a custom plan to help you achieve your business objectives. Send us a message to get in touch. Together, we look forward to discovering new areas.

    real estate crm
    real estate crm
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    “With Investorade, everyone in my team works towards the same goal. This enabled our teams to ship new ideas and feel more capable.”

    • This is a true all encompassing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. All other real estate softwares only introduce a very limited, extremely scaled-down, shell version of a CRM
    • Integrations (seamless integrations with any of the softwares that you are utilizing in your business: auto dialers, landing pages, webforms, facebook and PPCc ads
    • For homebuyers, by homebuyers, we understand the industry better than anyone (proven track records 1000+ deals)
    • Ability to adapt and make improvements as the real estate market changes direction
    • Our CRM can calculate assignment fees and provides offer prices based on ARV

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    We have designed our website to be the best website a Homebuyer can have. Not only does it look professional, it wins the trust of sellers, and has a load of technology and SEO to rank high on Google that pulls the sellers in. Our website gives sellers alternatives if they don’t want a cash offer, resulting in higher amounts of leads. Did we mention it also has a Spanish version included for free?


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    We have the most dedicated SEO directors in the industry that will stop at nothing to get your home buying website producing warm inbound leads. Not only do we excel at ranking our clients for motivated seller terms, we rank for cash buyers too! We utilize a dynamic and content rich approach that tracks and frequently updates your website in response to changes in search activity, but, in addition, we tap into high volume search terms with the use of our “Seller Magnet Technology,” available exclusively at HomeBuyer SEO.


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