Increase your number of deals, Maximize your assignment fees, and have more time available to scale your business!

We perform a thorough analysis of your market and work with you to build effective inbound lead campaigns to allow you to focus on what home buyers love the most, closing deals, and cashing checks.

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    Campaigns Just for Home Buyers

    HomeBuyer SEO has found by specializing in just one type of client, we perfect each service we offer. Our clients can depend on us because our services are the best in the industry for real estate wholesalers and home buyers.


    Our Services for Home Buyers

    Real Estate SEO

    Real Estate SEO Services

    Our dedicated Real Estate SEO directors will stop at nothing to get your home buying website producing warm inbound leads. We utilize a dynamic and content rich approach that tracks and frequently updates your website in response to changes in search activity, but, in addition, we tap into high volume search terms with the use of our “Seller Magnet Technology,” available exclusively at HomeBuyer SEO.

    Ultra-Superior Real Estate Website

    Ultra-Superior Real Estate SEO Website

    We have created the fastest and most professional Real Estate SEO home buying website. Designed for quality lead generation of motivated sellers. Unlike other websites, Homebuyer SEO gives sellers multiple ways to sell; if they don’t want a cash offer, shop the property out to your wholesale buyers and bring the seller multiple bids. Did we mention this attracts buyers and wholesalers or realtors with JV deals to sell too?

    Real Estate Marketplace

    Homebuyer Real Estate Marketplace

    Sell your wholesale deals faster and for higher profit! Decide if you want to pit buyers against each other in an auction, or if you want sight unseen offers at your asking price. Packed with technology like push button notifications will make sure buyers see your deals instantly, instead of leaving your marketing emails unread like they used to.

    Real Estate Lead Generation (PPC)

    Real Estate Lead Generation (PPC)

    We implement PPC campaigns that stand out when compared with other agencies. We are a Google Premier Partner, but we are also very experienced with the home buying business. “Buyers, Sellers, Assignment fees” now you’re speaking our language! While other agencies burn through your budget, we find low cost keywords, and get you more leads!

    Real Estate CRM

    Wholesale Real Estate CRM

    With our CRM, you don’t need any extra expensive programs to send contracts or marketing email blasts, everything you could ever need is already included. Our HomeBuyer SEO CRM does it for you! Homebuyer SEO CRM is powerful and will help your business become automated. It can even allow your acquisitions department to calculate offers and estimate assignment fees!

    Facebook and Social Media Ads

    Facebook Ads Manager and Social Media Ads

    Do you know the difference between a quality post that will rank your website higher, and a post that looks good but has little effect? HomeBuyer SEO knows that difference and caters our social media management service to your overall strategy of growing your business, and doing more deals. Homebuyer SEO will consistently post on your behalf to enhance the social verification process.

    Real Estate Social Media Management

    With a dedicated social media manager at HomeBuyer SEO, your wholesaling business can develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy to reach more sellers and drive more traffic to your website. Good posts are searchable by the google algorithm and continue to work for your home buying business long after the first post.

    Successful Stories

    Successful design and web development plans we crafted

    loand & borrower info

    Seller Magnet Technology

    Our Seller Magnet Technology, like our Home Profit Estimator Calculator and our Mortgage Rate Calculators work hard to draw sellers to your Home Buying Website. These technologies tap into a hidden reservoir of tens of thousands of searches every month. When sellers google key phrases like “Calculate home sale profit” or “estimate profit home sale” our calculators pop up and they visit your page. Once they are on your page, they stay for longer because the sellers actually use the calculators. They are only available at HomeBuyer SEO.


    AI Home Buying Chatbot

    Our AI Home Buying Chatbots are intelligent and capture leads that regular website pages can’t. They are programed to understand home buying and can even respond when asked about tricky topics probate or foreclosure. They are designed to give information, but to grab contact information from website visitors and generate leads. The program works to make prospects believe they are talking to real live representatives of your company. Our technology doesn’t sleep so you will always have a representative available to help your sellers, buyers, or wholesalers.


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